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Personal injury litigation in West Michigan.

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Your personal injury litigation in Battle Creek or throughout West Michigan begins with the filing of your complaint with the court. The complaint, which explains what your claims are, is then served in person on the defendants named in your complaint.

The defendants have a specified amount of time to respond to your complaint and to assert any claims they may have against you, the other defendants, or other parties not already involved in the litigation.

The discovery process for a Battle Creek injury lawsuit, or an injury lawsuit in West Michigan and surrounding areas, begins after the parties have responded to the claims against them. The parties exchange written questions called interrogatories and request documents relevant to your case. Again, the rules give the parties a specified amount of time to answer the questions and produce the documents.

The parties may find it necessary to retain expert witnesses to prove their case. Expert witnesses may used to prove or disprove a theory of liability or causation, or the extent of your injuries.

The parties then conduct depositions. This gives you the opportunity to explain your side of the case in front of your attorney, the defendants’ attorneys, and a court reporter. The parties also may choose to depose the defendants or the expert witnesses.

Trial of a Battle Creek personal injury case

Before trial, the parties can file pre-trial motions. Some of the motions may be to dismiss all or part of your case. Others may be to resolve certain issues before trial.

Then, it is time for trial. After selecting a jury, your attorney will present testimony from you and your witnesses, and the defendants will present testimony from their witnesses. The jury determines the percentage of fault for each party and the amount of damages (compensation) to which you are entitled.

Bear in mind that your personal injury claims can be settled any time during the injury litigation process, until the jury returns its verdict. If you believe you need help with Battle Creek personal injury settlements, contact us for a free initial consultation about your personal injury lawsuit.

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