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Mumford, Schubel, Macfarlane & Barnett Divorce Mediation in Michigan

Divorce mediation in Michigan is designed to settle family law matters before trial. The parties negotiate, with the assistance of a professional mediator, in an effort to amicably resolve all of their issues. Through mediation, the parties may resolve matters to their own satisfaction. Mr. Mumford believes in the process so greatly that he offers his own services as a mediator on a regular basis. We can, and do, resolve child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony) and property division issues at mediation.

Trial is not delayed while the parties mediate, but the court will mandate mediation before trial. If mediation is not successful you want Mumford, Schubel, Macfarlane & Barnett ready to present your case at trial. Let us help you through the entire process.

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Established in 1978, Mumford, Schubel, Macfarlane & Barnett’s lawyers have a thorough understanding of Michigan law and extensive experience with litigation, mediation, negotiation, and document review. We work with clients throughout West Michigan, including Battle Creek, Coldwater, Kalamazoo, and Hastings. We offer free initial consultations for personal injury and criminal cases.

The experienced attorneys at Mumford, Schubel, Macfarlane & Barnett are here to help with divorce mediation in Michigan.

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